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Good Wiring Practices

Air Seal any holes created to the exterior, including the garage. Use flashing tape and liquid flashing membrane or spray foam.

Electrical boxes, on both interior and exterior walls, can be a source of air and temperature leaks as well as unnecessary sound transmission due to less insulation. Make sure to air seal and insulate them with either gaskets and/or spray foam.

Future Proofing

Make it easy to run cables when the need arises. Time and materials are relatively modest when compared to the effort it would take when walls and ceilings have been finished.

If you are planning on solar panels in the future (and your house’s location and orientation are set up for good sun insolation) prepare the roof ahead of time by having a friendly roof design, pre-wired for when they are installed. Many houses will have panels in the future as PV panel prices continue to fall.

Wiring the garage or an outside vehicle charging station as the rest of the electrical system is being installed will have benefits in the future. Along with a location for a whole-house battery backup if wanted.


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